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We're offering this service because we receive requests from consumers asking for my help in evaluating or resolving problems they have when contacting a vendor (of any kind) in Italy for a pre-sale enquiry or more often for after-sale assistance once they have purchased the goods themselves. We most likely can assist in getting your point across or speed up things.

The problems a customer may be having can be of various nature, in pre-sale for instance they may vary from checking whether the supplier is a genuine one, if the quote given could hide additional costs, explain or translate documentation... while in after-sale on occasion there is simply no reply from Italian companies, the feedback given is very poor or too impersonal, the responsibility is bounced around the distribution chain, the company pretends not to understand the issue or claim the issue does not depend on them… This is NOT to say it's the norm of course, buying in Italy is as safe and smooth as buying in any other modern economy, but there are literally dozens of examples where an enquiry or a complaint can fall on deaf ears. Some of these issues can be easily solved with a few telephone calls (simple enough you may think, but not that simple for someone from abroad with a limited understanding of Italian, often technical, terms), some other problems can be bypassed using different strategies to achieve the expected outcome, or best alternative.

With this service we obviously cannot guarantee we will categorically resolve your issues, but my buyer experience and common sense tell me that what we can do from here is usually more effective compared to what can be done by emailing from afar. The fee for this kind of service is always calculated on a case by case basis, if the matter does not involve initial tangible costs or does not require a lot of time it can also be on a no-win-no-fee basis, meaning if we cannot help you we will waive the fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need some kind of troubleshooting with an Italian party and we'll go from there.